Land Rover Projects

This Land Rover Discovery has been fitted with a 4.6 Rover V8. Engine is managed by Megasquirt which controls both fueling and ignition timing using an EDIS-8 distributorless ignition system. Megasquirt success storyIam using the MSExtra firmware because I wanted to implement closed loop idle control using the IAC stepper motor. Traveling by myself without roof rack and only my weekend luggage and food I got 8.2km/L from Pretoria to Pietersburg and 8.5km/L on the return trip doing a constant 100km/h as per GPS.  That was the best ever. Normal consumption is somewhere between 6 and 7 km/L.

This “poor car” served as the guinea pig for all my Megasquirt exploits. It had to work on this car before I attempted something on the Jags.

The engine is a pretty standard 4.6L mechanically and has all the EFI bits of the original 3.9 on it. Crane cam for low to medium rpm torque.

It has Rangie rear springs in front and OME HD springs at the back along with air helper springs (cross-linked - for best articulation).

It also has a Detroit locker in the rear diff with heavy duty side shafts (which also break... and then break the locker as well)

Dual 50L fuel tanks where the rear jump seats would have been.  This gives me 1000Km autonomy even in off-road conditions where consumption is 5km/L.  The oversize wheels (265/75/16) tyres does tame the 4.6 with the standard gear ratios.

Mantec rock sliders protect the sills with custom made front and rear bumpers (with Warn 9000 winch in front). Added the Airtec snorkel recently (should have done this long ago but the cost put me off)

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