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This is how I converted the E-type from 4 ZS carbs and dissy to EFI.

I used the inlet manifolds complete with throttle bodies, air filter housings, fuel rail, and a new fuel pressure regulator. I also used the Auxiliary Air Valve from the HE engine for to supply additional air during warm-up.  In time I will remove this AAV and replace it with either a stepper motor Inlet Air Controller (IAC) or a PWM based IAC. While the AAV works, it works well but it is very expensive to replace and that is when the IAC will be implemented.

Ignition is via dual EDIS-6 modules and each has its won VR sensor mounted to the crank pulley which is fitted with a 36-1 trigger wheel.  The EDIS module for the left hand bank (B-bank) can not use the timing advance instruction pulse as it comes from Megasquirt and that is why I use the DESC module to correct the timing of the SAW pulse for the B-bank EDIS.

The standard Jag injectors are low impedance which requires special electronics to control them but Megasquirt is quite capable of dealing with the situation as in this implekmentation, there are 6  low impedance injectors connected to each injector circuit. The Megasquirt box only becomes luke warm after a while.

DESC modified_tn




Egine 3_tn

Fuel pump 1_tn

Fuel pump 2_tn

MS mount_tn


VR bracket_tn

air clean 3_tn

air clean 9_tn

coil pack in V_tn

engine 10_tn

engine 12_tn

engine 2_tn

engine 4_tn

engine 6_tn

engine 8_tn

engine 9_tn

engine above_tn

fuel tank_tn

jackshaft plate_tn


rh rear water rail_tn

wiring entry_tn

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